Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The new Summer Lights show is brilliant, illuminating, enlightening, sheer delight. The experience of being in the dark with the flickering Illuminati, the glowing Treerings and the cave of light created by the colossal Sentinels is sensational. July and August - 5 nights a week, Don’t miss it!

The new Illuminati lanterns by Peter Pierobon are refined, sophisticated and altogether dazzling. Three indoor: Fine Plumb, Serpentine Plumb and Paper Plumb are formal variations on the classic instrument for measuring verticality, the plumb bob, in use since ancient Egyptian times. Outside a giant plumb,, 9’ feet, and bird and yellow cap,are forms from nature. and fit into the landscape harmoniously

Peter Pierobon’s new sculpture reflects his new passion for garden design; he recently completed the excellent Master Gardener program at Van Dusen gardens in Vancouver. ‘Plant Deconstruction’ is a graceful 12’ high construction of aluminum and yellow cedar, representing the reaching and branching upwards of growth, the opening wide of leaves to catch the essential sunlight. Artfully and meticulously crafted this piece evokes the essential logic of plant growth.

aluminum and yellow cedar
H 12'6" x W 3’ x D 2’

Yellow cedar slats and finials,
12v waterproof LED light source
H 9 feet x W 28 x D 28

photos by Kyle

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