Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sabina Hill

The Duthie Gallery is pleased and proud to represent Canadian architect, designer and studio furniture artist Sabina Hill.

Sabina creates fine art, limited edition furniture and custom installations which merge the rich mythology of North West Coast aboriginal culture with a contemporary design aesthetic. She skillfully integrates Native motifs into her work creating a unique, contemporary expression that evokes the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and celebrates the convergence of two distinct design cultures.

On exhibit in the gallery now:

Ovoid Coffee Table - Salmon Trout Head
Sabina Hill with Andy Everson of the Comox-Kwakwaka'wakw nation

1.5” solid walnut top with ebonized walnut inlay, walnut legs, glass and stainless steel-standoffs. L 55.5” W 29” H 16 ”
Edition 2/10

The distinctive shape of the table and glass top is inspired by the most characteristic shape used in Northwest Coast art, a rounded rectangle, termed the ovoid. The salmon trout head motif in the table is a design element featuring fish head elements in profile.

Salmon Wall Panel
Sabina Hill with Andy Everson [kwakawakaŹ¼wakw]

H 30” W 30” D 1.75” Edition 11/25
Custom high gloss black lacquer finish with red salmon egg motif, clear anodized aluminum, and stainless steel standoffs.

The salmon is “the giver of life.” A symbol of bounty, steadfastness, and dependability, the salmon is a vital food source of the Northwest Coast peoples.

Eagle Wall Panel
Sabina Hill with Andy Everson [kwakawakaŹ¼wakw]

H 24” W 24” D 1.75” Edition 18/25
Custom high gloss red lacquer finish, clear anodized aluminum with stainless steel standoffs.

The eagle is a symbol of peace and friendship. The eagle belongs to the supernatural world and is next in line to the Thunderbird. It is synonymous withpower and prestige.

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